Health Ministry Dismisses Community Transmission Rumours

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Widespread rumours have been going on in the country about the spread of coronavirus at the level of the community. This means that people are often becoming vulnerable to believing rumours that there is “community transmission” of coronavirus in India.

The Health Ministry has come forward and dismissed these rumours of community transmission and said that such was not the case in India and had this been the case, there would have been need for additional alertness in the country. The ministry’s assurance has come amid rising number of infections in India, with positive cases rising to 6,554 and death toll at 206.

Meanwhile, an External Affairs Ministry officials who was also attending the briefing, added that nearly 20,473 foreign nationals had been evacuated from India as on Thursday. The official also said that the stock of Hydroxychloriquine was being reviewed by the Group of Ministers and some restrictions had been lifted accordingly. 

The officials said that a lot of countries were requesting for the drug. Taking into view domestic stocks, requirement and buffer decision was taken to release some. 

Thus the clearance made by the health ministry is of prime importance for the country and especially at a time when rummers about the community transmission of coronavirus is doing the rounds. 

We have also been seeing a rise in the number of infections in the country and the death toll has already reached 206. The announcement of there being no community transmission in India is quite assuring in such difficult times.


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