Stop, Look, Listen…

What would our life be like, what would our world be like, if we gave expression to the fullness of relationship? What if we valued the connection with the world around us as much as we now value our separation?

No matter how much money and security, fame and glory we stockpile in our lives, we live in pain when we live in separation. In just one moment of reflection this is clear. Yet we live our lives to ensure that we never have that one moment of reflection. We run hard from what we already know.

The challenge we face is not a difficult one. It does not require more from us than what we have. It simply requires everything.

There are many reasons why we may give for refusing this challenge. The mind, conditioned as it is to its own survival, will always find a rationale for separation. Indeed, there is only one reason for us to take up the challenge of relationship, but it is a compelling one—we must fully relate if we are to fully live.

There is ample evidence of the failure and destruction brought about by the theology of separation, the worship of self. Now, is it possible to give expression to the possibilities inherent in our relatedness? Can we dedicate our lives to the whole? 

Each of us must face our own reactions, our fear, our own addiction to separation. In standing absolutely still in the midst of our conflicted, conceptual world, we may discover the exploration of unity, of love, that is the bare actuality of life.

Here is the challenge. Stop .Look .Listen.

Nothing is in the way.

Spontaneously, life is bursting forth.  

SOURCE: Steven Harrison, Being One Stone Hill Foundation Publishing .


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