Your Five Long Reads While in Quarantine

Your Five Long Reads While in Quarantine

Exploring Tagore’s Love, Longing and Humanity

  • Indrani Bhattacharjee / Professor/ Azim Premji University

Rabindranath Tagore experienced tremendous pain and emotional turmoil when several intimate people including his children passed away before his eyes. The existential pain accompanied by a true sense of cosmic interconnectedness encouraged the artistic Tagore to unleash his tremendous constructive resources in the form of paintings, poetry, stories and the building of a school where learning gained an altogether new meaning.

Rabindranath Tagore

Remembering Gandhi: The Pedagogue

  • Amman Madan/Professor/Azim Premji University

The Gandhian approach to education was one of action and not one of bookish study. This is exemplified in his keeping vocational activities, particularly the making of handicrafts, at the centre of the school curriculum in Nai Talim.

M.K. Gandhi in Noakhali.

In Search of Abundance: Towards a Pedagogy of Love and Resistance

  • Avijit Pathak / Professor/JNU

Nationalism is a double-edged phenomenon. It is important for a creative pedagogue to distinguish its positive features from its discontents. Here is a piece that reflects on the paradoxical nature of nationalism, and pleads for a pedagogy of love and resistance.

Walking with Karl Marx

  • Amitsen Gupta / Senior Journalist 

“Marx is there to teach us about love, instinct, sensuality, beauty, emancipation, the great zone of possibilities in the human civilization, learning and unlearning, the art of liberation. In the ‘Economic and Philosophic Manuscript’, he wrote, that a man who cannot create love, cannot give love, he is an impotent being. An unobjective  being.

That is why, the liberated black people sitting in a circle around a fire, have already found the most precious feeling and sensibility. The comradeship of love. And the love of comradeship.”

Womb-less in Beed: Labouring Women in Maharashtra Opt for Hysterectomies to Work Break-free

  • Kavya Thomas/ Journalist / The New Leam

Women in their twenties and thirties are opting for vol-untary hysterectomies to ensure that their work at the agricultural field is not disturbed due to mensuration associated pain.



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