Food Poisoning Renders Over a Dozen Migrant Workers Seriously Ill in Bihar Quarantine Centre

Representative Image |Photo by Amaresh N Samanta

The story of a migrant worker at a quarantine centre in Bihar is doing the rounds. As the news has it, a migrant worker who is presently quarantined at a quarantine centre in Bihar’s Buxar reportedly eats 4o rotis for breakfast and 10 plates of rice for lunch. 

After the cook apparently said that he would be unable to cook so much for a single inmate, he is now being served rice for both breakfast and lunch.

The quarantine centre has become famous due to this inmate’s enormous diet and the allegedly shortage of food supplies due to his dietary habits. After the news came to light, authorities have instructed the cook to not deprive him of food and allow him to eat as much as he wants. While this man’s unique dietary choices are catching the attention of city-centric media, on the other hand we keep getting news about migrant workers fleeing from quarantine centres, alleging poor facilities and lack of drinking water. 

Videos of poor migrant workers housed in quarantine centres and complaining of the lack of facilities, food and water, washrooms and beds have been pouring in one social media from different corners of the country.

 Frustrated with news of inadequate facilities at quarantine centres flooding the media, the state government of Bihar went ahead and put a ban on the entry of media in quarantine centres. 

But ironically, despite a curb on media agencies entering quarantine centres in the state- the news of twelve migrant workers fallings seriously ill after having dinner at their quarantine centre in Bihar’s Sheikhpura has once again underlined the intensity of the crisis.

The migrants complained of severe abdominal pain and began vomiting, they were immediately rushed to the nearby hospital and their condition is now stable. While investigations are on about which food item in particular has caused them to suffer and bring about food poisoning, the authorities claim that the food was hygienically prepared. 

It must be noted that more than 1.5 million migrant workers have returned to Bihar since the beginning of the month from all parts of the country, after they were stuck in the lockdown. To the migrant workers who are returning back, the state government is offering Rs 1,000 each including their train fares after they complete 14 days at the quarantine facilities set up their region.


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