Apple Catches Social Media Application TikTok Spying on Users

A latest security feature in iOS 14 has red-handily caught popular social media platform TikTok for spying on millions of its users.

Tik Tok App | Screenshot

In a latest development from the world of mobile applications, a new security feature in the iOS 14 had revealed that the popular app TikTok has been spying on the data of millions of users across the world. The popular application was found to be spying and stealing the data of users in a red-handed manner by the new software update in Apple’s new phone. 

The social media platform was found copying text from a user’s clipboard every few seconds, effectively logging their keystrokes without their knowledge.

This had been the prevalent practice for quite some time now and users would be unable to detect it but with the new software in Apple’s new phone, user’s do receive information when an application on their phones tries to collect data. They found themselves being constantly pinged when they were typing on TikTok. While dismissing the claims, a TikTok spokesperson said that this was just an effort to identify repetitive, spammy behaviour and was not a purposeful invasion of user’s privacy.  

The company also said that they had already submitted an updated version of the app to the App Store after removing the anti-spam feature to eliminate any kind of confusion in the future. The company underlined that they were committed to retaining user’s privacy and were transparent in all their affairs. It was in March,2020 that TikTok had committed to stop using its keystroke snooping within “a few weeks” as reported in the Telegraph.