China Continues Military Build-Up in Eastern Ladakh Close to LAC

China has continued to work on its military build-up in Eastern Ladakh near the LAC.

Ladakh, India.
Representative Image | Ladakh, India.

The Chinese Army has continued to build up along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh sector and has deployed over 10,000 troops along with heavy artilary, defence batteries and armoured regiments. We must note that it was on June 22 that the two sides had met after tensions had escalated to furious levels and had agreed to mutual disengagement.  The talks between the two countries have been going on for sometime now but the Chinese build up along the LAC including in the Finger area where they seem to have emerged more powerful than in the last many days. The Chinese Army started to build up around the LAC in the eastern parts of Ladakh sector beginning May 4 and deploy are than 10,000 troops equipped with high-end artillery, armoured regiments and other defence equipment.

The Finger Area along the Pangong Tso lake is said to be completely filled by heightened military activities from the Chinese side.

The Indian government has however claimed that the areas up to Finger 8 but the Chinese military has been continuously blocking Army patrols to reach beyond Finger 4 in the recent standoff between India and China. Sources say that the Chinese Army has been engaged in bringing many more areas under its control very aggressively. The Chinese are set to build some new structures near the Galwan river where the two armies were engaged in a massive standoff resuming in a high number of deaths on both sides. So far India and China have conducted two rounds of Corps commander-level talks after which they decided to disengage.

But what is evident is that the decision to disengage on June 6 didn’t yield positive results and the face-off between the two countries was the greatest evidence of this.

It was on June 22 that both the sides met at Mould after which a consensus was arrived at and it was decided that both the countries will engaged in mutual disengagement but the situation on the ground  has not shown any change of position yet.