Delhi Records Greater Surge in COVID-19 Positive Cases Compared to Mumbai

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On Wednesday, Delhi reported a greater number of coronavirus positive cases than Mumbai. This is the first time when Delhi has left behind Mumbai in terms of the surge in cases in over two months. Delhi discovered 1,513 new cases and it is the city’s highest one day figure, while Mumbai recorded 1,276 new cases in one day. 

Mumbai has been recording the highest number of coronavirus positive cases for a long time and Delhi’s leaving it behind, is a matter of grave concern.

The last one week has been quite challenging for Delhi because it has been reporting a steady surge in the number of Covid-19 positive cases and has been recording more than 1,000 new cases every day. 

Its case count has also been growing at the fastest rate among the top five states with the highest caseload. Delhi now has 23,645 confirmed cases and more yuan 9,500 have already recovered from the infection.

It was not more than ten days ago that Delhi was recording a daily rise of 500-800 cases per day, while Mumbai was known to be reporting over 1,200 cases for almost three weeks now. The highest one day surge record that Mumbai registered was 1,75o. But since the last three or four days fewer people have been able to get their tests done because of Cyclone Nisarga.

Given the rapidly growing number of cases in Delhi, the state government has made it mandatory for anyone who comes to Delhi( using any medium of transportation such as train, plane, roadways) to compulsorily quarantine themselves for a week. 

Before this, people who were travelling to the Capital only had to watch out for and self-monitor themselves for symptoms and report if they had any.

Delhi also went ahead and sealed its borders with neighbouring state Haryana, just a day after the border had been opened. Haryana is among the fastest growing states at the moment and its cases have more than doubled in the last one week. The country reported more than 9,300 cases on Wednesday and the total number of infections in India has now reached to 2.17 lakh and 1.05 lakh people have already recovered.

West Bengal has been seeing a dip in the number of cases but the numbers have once again begun to rise. 

On Wednesday, West Bengal reported 340 new cases and the state toll became 6,508. 

In Bihar 230 new cases were reported yesterday while Odisha has reported only 90 new cases.


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