Delhi Riots: Chargesheet Names Faisal Farooq as Key Conspirator,Underlines Jamaat Link 

The burnt Gym at Shiv Vihar.| Image credit - Banswalhemant/ CC BY-SA 4.0
The burnt Gym at Shiv Vihar.| Image credit - Banswalhemant/ CC BY-SA 4.0

In a latest development to the ongoing investigation of the Delhi riots, the police has filed a charge sheet that draws a link to the Tablighi Jamaat.  The charge sheet that has been filed in the context of the communal riots that broke out in Delhi in February 2020 mentions that those who organised the communal frenzy had links to the Tablighi Jamaat. 

In its charge sheet, the police has named 18 people and named Faisal Farooq the key conspirator in the case. During the riots, a school and an adjacent sweet shop were burnt down and a man who was trapped inside the shop, died. 

Faisal Farooq is the owner of the Rajdhani school, the school adjacent to which the DRP Convent School had been burnt by the mob. The police have also claimed that Faisal Farooq has links to the prominent members of the Islamist group Popular Front of India, women’s collective “Pinjra Tod”, the Jamia Coordination Committee of Jamia Milia Islamia and the headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat along with some Muslim clerics.

The charge sheet mentions that Faisal Farooq had conspired to participate in and encourage the riots in and around his school building. The police also said that it was under Farooq’s vision that the adjacent and rival DRP Convent School and the building of Anil Sweets was destroyed by the mob. 

The police also claimed that the rioters fired bullets and camped inside the Rajdhani School.

The charge sheet reads, “ They also threw petrol bombs, acid, bricks, stones and other missiles using an impoverished large iron catapult, specially installed for the purpose, from the terrace of the Rajdhani School. The rioters had used roped to climb down from the terrace of Rajdhani School into the compound of DRP Convent School and then the mob had set the school on fire. The mob had looted the computers and other expensive items from the DRP Convent School”


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