In a Barbaric and Heinous Act, a Monkey is Hanged to Death in Telangana by Locals

In a gruesome and cruel act, villagers in Telangana hung a monkey to death and witnessed the act while cheering and laughing at the barbaric display of brutality.

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In what can be described as one of the most brutal treatments meted out by humans to animals, a monkey has been killed with extreme barbarism in Telangana, India. The monkey was subjected to extreme brutality and ill-treatment in Khammam district of Telangana.  The incident came into public view after a video of the brutality perpetrated on the monkey came up on social media. The video shows the monkey being hanged to death. The video shows all the people at the site, cheering as the monkey dies one of the most brutal deaths possible. Three people have been arrested so far for their alleged involvement in the brutal murder of the monkey. The incident has unfolded in the Ammapalem village that falls under the Vemsoor block of Khammam district in Telangana. 

[ Disclaimer : We request our reader to not watch the video. It is highly disturbing]

The incident is said to have taken place recently when a large group of monkeys entered the village and caused some damage, a group of villagers became so annoyed with them that they decided to teach them a lesson. One of the men caught hold of a monkey that had fallen into a water tube well and hanged him to death. What is saddening is that while the man was hanging the monkey, none of the other villagers expressed their disapproval on the cruelty that was unfolding before them and instead cheered for the man. 

The perpetrators of the crime are being booked under the Wildlife Protection Act. The accused had resorted to hanging the money because he and other villagers felt that this would act as a warning to other monkeys and they wouldn’t ever enter the village again. The area is known to be one that does suffer from menace caused by monkeys but this action by locals cannot be justified by anything. 

This is not the first time that the story of such brutality against monkeys has come to the forefront, in the month of June alone, 13 monkeys were found dead in a reservoir in Assam. The monkeys had died after they were fed poison by locals.