Rahul Gandhi Calls Nationwide Lockdown a “Failure”,Slams Centre Over Lifting it Amid Rising Cases 

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi / Image : Rahul Gandhi /Twitter [ file photo]

In his latest attack on the ruling party, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi highlighted the alleged failure of the Indian government in being able to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Taking the help of a series of graphs and figures, Rahul Gandhi tried to emphasise that the lockdown in India was a failed project because unlike in many other countries, it didn’t led to the successful control on the number of positive cases. 

Rahul Gandhi asserted that in many countries of the world, the lockdown had been imposed when the number of coronavirus case was on the rise and the unlocking process had begin when the number of cases was on the decline. 

But in the context of India, the opposite has been true. Rahul Gandhi said that it was ironic that in India, the unlocking of the lockdown was taking place at a time when the number of coronavirus cases was increasing, while it had started when the number of cases was less.  

He criticised India’s move of initiating the unlocking process when there was a sharp rise in the number of COVID-19 positive cases.

 The statement by Rahul Gandhi comes at a time when there is a continuous surge in the number of the coronavirus in the country.

It was in the last week that the Home Ministry had gone ahead and issued a fresh set of guidelines to lift restrictions in the country from June 8 under which the lockdown, which had come into effect from March 25 will be opened. 


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