Safoora Zargar Granted Bail on Humanitarian Grounds by Delhi Police

Jamia Millia Islamia student and political activist Safoora Zargar has been granted bail by Delhi High Court.

Safoora Zargar | Photo - Facebook

Bail has been granted by the Delhi High Court to student activist Safoora Zargar. Safoora Zargar is a student of Jamia Millia Islamia and she was granted bail earlier today after the Delhi Police said that the Delhi Police had no reservations on releasing her on humanitarian grounds. 

She was released on April 10. 

The case of Safoora Zargar became particularly significant following the news of her being over 23 weeks pregnant. 

Given the current situation of the country and the dangers imposed by the pandemic, her safety and protection inside over-crowded prisons was highly questionable and that is why the decision of the Delhi High Court is being welcomed so much. 

The Court released her on humanitarian grounds but said that she shouldn’t indulge in any kind of activities that she is being investigated for at the moment.

 She is also asked to not go out of Delhi and stay here as investigations are underway. Lawyer Nitya Ramakrishnan who appeared on part of Safoora Zargar said that she needed to travel to Faridabad, to consult with her doctor. 

The Bench composing of Justice Rajiv Shakhdher granted Zargar bail on finishing a bond of Rs 10,000 with certain terms of conditions. 

She is also required to stay in touch with the investigating officer every fifteen days. 

It was on Monday that the Delhi Police has objected to granting Safoora bail and said that pregnant wasn’t a valid reason for bail. 

She had been arrested by the Special Cell on April 10, in connection with FIR 48/2020 filed in the Jaffrabad road-block case.

She had been granted bail in the case on April 13 but on the same day an FIR was issued in her name and she had been arrested again.  

The Delhi Police had accused her of co-conspiring in commissioning of serious offence and causing large-scale riots in Delhi and many parts of the country.


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