To ‘Safeguard Interests’, India Bans TikTok Along with Fifty-Seven Chinese Applications

Chinese video-sharing and social media application TikTok along with several other applications have been banned in India according to an interim order by the government.

Tik Tok App | Screenshot

The popular video-sharing and social media application TikTok recently ran into trouble when an updated and new software from Apple caught it red-handed while stealing the data of billions of users, but now the application managers have come up with a justification. The application managers have recently made a statement wherein they have said that they are in the process of complying with what has been called as the “interim order” of the government to block the application in India.

The statement made by TikTok also pointed at the fact that it had been invited by the government stakeholders for an opportunity to be able to submit and make a clarification on the charges that have been made against it. It was on Monday, that the Indian government made a surprise announcement wherein all Chinese applications were blocked, in a move to preserve and ascertain the privacy of Indians as the tensions on the border have been rising between the two countries. Many Chinese applications have been banned in India, these include applications like Shareit, Clash of Kings, Weibo and UC Browser.

The Indian public in general has been repeating the chorus to take strict action against Chinese applications that are alleged to violate the privacy of users. Thus the government has decided to disallow the usage of select Chinese applications on mobiles and other non-mobile internet enabled devices. The government claims that this is an important strategic step to safeguard the privacy of Indian people in the cyberspace.