The Hemis Monastery – known as Hemis Gompa – in Hemis area of Ladakh is considered as a central seat of the Kagyu lineage of the Buddhist faith. |Photo credit -Yogesh Sagotra@Twitter
Lord Padmasambhava is believed to enhance the health of the observers, both physical and spiritual.|Photo credit -Shikhar traveler india@Twitter
The Hemis monastery is the centre of the two-day festivity that is celebrated with much enthusiasm. |Photo credit -Shikhar traveler india@Twitter
The Gar is perhaps one of the few dances that are performed in secret by the lamas.|Photo credit – Twitter
Hemis festival is observed in the Hemis Gompa or Hemis Monastery, which is situated in Hemis village of Ladakh region in Jammu & Kashmir. |Photo credit -Gyalwang drukpa @Twitter
The Hemis Festival, a two-day festival hosted at the Hemis Gompa Monastery celebrates the birth of Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism
Photo credit -Gyalwang drukpa @Twitter
The next Hemis Tsechu is expected to be commemorated on 30th June 2020 to 1st July 2020.|Photo credit -Gyalwang drukpa @Twitter