Amphan Relief Scam Lands West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee in Trouble

West Bengal residents express discontent over mismanagement and unfair usage of funds dedicated for Amphan relief by Trinamool Congress.

After effect of Cyclone Amphan in Kolkata | Image - Twitter

In the context of the recent cyclone Amphan that had severely hit West Bengal and caused large scale damage to life and property, the state government has been conducting an inquiry into the 40,000 odd complaints about irregularities in distribution of house-building packages that had been offered to the people. 

The government received more than 40,000 complaints regarding alleged irregularities and malpractices as far as the distribution of funds and relief money was concerned. However it has been found that out of all the odd complaints that were received, only 34,000 were genuine. What was common to all these complaints was the alleged mismanagement in the distribution of funds. 

As an immediate damage control, the state secretariat Nabanna has decided to sanction fresh compensations teach of the 34,000 complainants. Earlier, a sum of Rs 6,800 crore was released by the state government within a few days of the May 20 devastation that had been given to compensate all the people whose homes had been damaged by the cyclone. 

So far, about 10 lakh people have got the compensation for repairing or rebuilding their homes. Following widespread protests in several affected villages against Trinamool Panchayat leaders for being partial to their people, CM Mamata Banerhee has introduced new steps asking people to directly go to the police officials and screening of claims afresh. The state government has promised to take disciplinary steps against all those who have adopted unfair means to claim funds to repair their homes and has ensured that relief will be meted out to the real victims.


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