China is Sending America’s Unsolicited Packages Containing Mysterious Seeds

Americans are receiving unsolicited shipments from China carrying unknown seeds. The government has warned people against using such seeds in any way.

Packages of seeds have been mailed from China to US postal addresses. Photo - Twitter

In what can be called quite a surprising development from the United States of America, many citizens have been receiving unsolicited shipments carrying a strange variety of seeds from China. 

These mails are being received across the United States and upon opening the packets, receivers have found foreign seeds. The state authorities and agriculture officials have advised people to refrain from planting these seeds. The United States Department of Agriculture took cognisance of the matter and said that it has been in constant touch and coordination with the Customs and Border Protection and other bodies and has been carrying out a detailed investigation into the strange mail. 

They have also issued an advisory and warned people to refrain from planting these seeds and immediately have these packages reported to the authorities. The authorities are investigating into the matter at present but are sceptical that this could be an attempt to disrupt America’s food security and disturb the agricultural systems in the country. 

They fear that such seeds could destroy local plantations and harm livestock if people go ahead and plant these seeds has bee looming large in the US. They have warned people against making use of any such seeds as it could threaten the local environment. 

A large number of people in places like North Carolina and Florida have been receiving these packages and have been reporting to the local authorities. America is currently investigating into the mysterious shipments and has not arrived to any conclusion yet.


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