Comet Neowise Displays Spectacular Night Sky as it Streaks Past Planet Earth

Comet Neowise over Coal Mountain in western Colorado. | Photo credit - Steven Dibb /Twitter

In an interesting development for astronomy lovers around the globe, a newly discovered comet is at present streaking past the Earth and leaving behind a stunning night sky. This newly discovered comet is known as Neowise and is considered to be the brightest comment to be visible from the northern hemisphere in a quarter century. 

This comment had swept within Mercury’s orbit just in the last week. The huge debris tail of the comet has been caused due to its close proximity with the sun and as a result its surface has been burnt to a great extent. Now the newly discovered comet is approaching the Earth and making its closest approach to the Earth in the last two weeks.

The Neowise comet was discovered by NASA in March, 2020. 

Scientists have reported that the comet is about 3 miles across and its nucleus is covered with sooty material dating back to the origin of the solar system.

The comet will be seen from the northern hemisphere till the middle of August and thereafter it will head back to the solar system. 

While it is visible with the naked sky in dark skies, people will need a binocular to see its tail.


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