Hong Kong Protest: Hundreds of People Arrested for Protesting Against Controversial Security Law

Hundreds of People Massive protest broke out against National Security Law |Image - Twitter

The newly passed national security law applies to everyone who speaks or protests against China or Hong Kong authorities.After the passing of the controversial security law by China a major protest broke out in Hong Kong. Thousands of people were seen protesting against the law imposed by China. At least 370 protesters have been arrested.The police fired teargas and  used water cannons on protesters to disperse them.  Around ten people were arrested due to reasons related to the newly imposed security law; they were holding banners and pamphlets advocating the freedom of Hong Kong, including a 15 year old girl, who was holding a pamphlet.

The day was observed as the first day under the law and ironically it also fell on the 23rd anniversary of the handover of  Hong Kong from Britain to China. Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam called the law “ The most important development in relations between China and Hong Kong since the 1997 hand over.”

The law applies to everyone who speaks or protests against China or Hong Kong.UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the law was a “clear and serious breach” of the Sino-British joint declaration, the agreement deciding the terms of the 1997 handover. He said that the UK would proceed with changes to its immigration laws to give people with British national (overseas) status a route to citizenship.

Mike Pompeo,US secretary of state said the US would “not stand idly while China swallows Hong Kong into its authoritarian maw”.