How BJP IT Cell is Preparing for Upcoming Bihar Elections

With Bihar assembly elections around the corner, BJP plans to recruit more than 9,500 IT cell heads, form 72,000 WhatsApp groups to mobilise voters.

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The Bihar assembly elections are scheduled for later this year but the BJP has already geared up in full election fervour and his leaving no stone unturned to make its impact felt among the voters even as the country grapples with the coronavirus pandemic

The BJP has already held more than 6o virtual rallies in several states of India and is now completely ready to fight the Bihar assembly elections digitally. 

The extent and intensity of the party’s preparedness to campaign in full-swing and woo over voters can be felt in its extensive expenditure and extent of work towards its IT cells. The party has appointed 9,500 IT cell heads at each Shakti Kendra in Bihar, who will play a very important role in spreading and disseminating Bihar’s political message across to the people. 

The IT cells are likely be the real warriors in Bihar’s virtual election campaign according to ground speculations. Apart from the IT cell heads, the BJP has also decided and working towards the formation of more than 72,000 groups on WhatsApp for each polling booth so that the voters can be informed about all the initiatives that the party will be taking and will inform them through messages about all their efforts in the state. 

Over the past two months, the BJP has already formed more than 50,000 WhatsApp groups

The party decided to create these groups so that the party’s initiatives, efforts, videos of speeches and party’s messages can be shared in real time with the voters.

These WhatsApp groups will be handled by booth-level workers and all the IT cells will be working under the BJP’s national IT cell head Amit Malviya.

It is quite clear by now that due to the coronavirus pandemic, election campaigns are going to be very different this year and there will be a great degree of reliance on digital infrastructure and it will be used in a major way to reach out to voters.


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