Link Road to Bihar’s Newly Constructed Sattarghat Bridge Collapses in Major Embarrassment for CM Nitish Kumar Led Government

Bihar’s newly constructed Sattarghat bridge has witnessed a link road being washed away due to incessant rains in less than a month of inauguration.

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The link road to Sattarghat bridge on the Gandak River, in the Gopalganj district has collapsed in Bihar.

The construction of the bridge had costed 264 Crore to the Bihar government and in what can be seen as a major embarrassment to the government, a link road going to the bridge has collapsed within merely 29 days of its inauguration. The bridge connected Champaran,Saran, Gopalganj and Siwan.

On 16th June 2020 Bihar CM Nitish Kumar inaugurated the Sattarghat bridge through video conferencing from Patna. The bridge connected Gopalganj, Champaran and other districts of Bihar.

The Opposition leaders lashed out at the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar after  the news of the collapsing link road to Sattarghat bridge over River Gandak came into limelight.

Tejaswi Yadav twitted “The Sattarghat bridge of Gopalganj built at a cost of Rs 263.47 crore in 8 years, was inaugurated by Nitish Ji on June 16. Today, 29 days later the bridge collapsed. Beware! If someone terms it corruption by Nitish ji. Rs 263 crore is for just a glimpse. Even their rats consume alcohol worth this amount,”.

On Thursday, the Bihar government refuted the report of the bridge being washed away on Wednesday and stated “ only an approach road of a minor bridge was damaged”.

Bihar assembly elections are underway and the Bihar government has already received much criticism over its treatment of migrant workers who wished to return to the state and the clear lack of management as far as dealing with the pandemic situation within the state is concerned.

Amid all this, the news of the link road of the bridge collapsing due to increased water levels and incessant rainfalls is nothing short of an embarrassment to the Bihar government ahead of the assembly polls that are scheduled for later this year.


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