Mammoth Whale Washes Up at Mandarmani Beach in West Bengal

A 35 foot mammoth whale washed up the shore at West Bengal’s Mandarmani Beach, living locals and officials astonished beyond limits.

A huge whale washed up on a shore in Mandarmani in East Midnapore district of West Bengal. Photo - Twitter

The Mandarmani beach in East Midnapore district of West Bengal woke up to a very strange experience on June 29 when an enormously gigantic whale washed up on the beach leaving the locals surprised beyond limits. The size of the whale was unprecedented and never before had such a huge creature been washed up the shore, the whale was 35-foot long and was extremely heavy. The whale’s giant head was covered up in a pool of blood as the locals gathered around the carcass to witness what can be called an extremely tragic site. We don’t know why there was a pool of blood around the whale or why parts of its tale were found to be severely injured. Officials of the East Midnapore district have rushed to the spot along with officials of the forest, wildlife and fisheries departments. 

Mandarmani is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bengal and is located near the Bay of Bengal. It is just 150 kms away from Kolkata. Both these places have now been shut down for tourists due to the pandemic.