Maskne: Acne & Breakouts Due to Prolonged Usage of Masks Can be Treated, Here’s How

While wearing masks may be mandatory, it is important to deal with skin problems or Maskne that may be caused due to sweating and friction inside it.

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If you thought that acne and breakouts can only arise due to faulty eating habits or hormonal imbalances, you are wrong. Yes, one of the most common problems that people are facing as far as the skin is concerned is something called ‘Maskne’(mask+acne) which is the name given to skin problems that are caused as a result of wearing masks for prolonged periods of time.  

While nobody can deny the fact that masks are now an integral part of our lives and we can no longer think of steeping outdoors without adorning them but what can also not be overlooked is the fact that masks can lead to a wide range of skin troubles because they closely cling on to the skin and due to resultant friction a host of issues may arise. 

As we get ourselves accustomed to wearing masks every time we go out and begin to accept it as the new normal, the question is how can we tackle the skin problems that masks generally bring along with them? Mask acne has been dubbed ‘Maskne’ on social media and it seems to have gained the attention of a wide range of people around the world. Maskne refers to skin eruptions that may be caused due to wearing masks for long. Since a face mask in meant to cover up one’s nose and mouth completely this obviously means that it clearly hugs the areas and therefore one may experience acne due to the friction it causes. Moreover, the string that is attached to masks pulls it backwards and exerts a fair amount of pressure on the skin and weakens it ability to breath normally and this may increase the possibility of acne and breakout. 

Moreover, if there is even minimal detergent residue in washable masks that too can bring about irritant skin or rashes. Moreover, those living in hot and humid countries like India may sweat tremendously inside the face mask and therefore become prone to pulling it up and down, which jeopardises the very purpose of wearing it. 

While it is true that masks are now an integral part of our lives in a pandemic ridden world, there are certainly some ways in which we can minimise the chances of acne and breakouts due to wearing of masks.

  1. The most important thing to do if you really want to avoid skin problems due to masks is regarding making the right choice of fabric. It is important that you opt for a fabric that is non-woven and nicely ventilated this becomes extremely important especially in countries that have hotter climates such as India and where humidity is high.
  2. It is important to take breaks while wearing masks and one should avoid wearing it straight for two to three hours. One may also wear a face shield above the mask so that there is no need to keep adjusting or shifting it.
  3. There is no disinfectant better than sunlight itself and it is important that the mask is exposed to direct sunlight for at least four hours. It is important to have at least two masks so that they can be used and dried alternatively. This will avoid the retention of infective bacteria in the mask.

The best way to treat Maskne is to use sandalwood powder and make it into paste using rose water and applying it on affected parts of the face. This will help sooth the skin and take care of skin eruptions and irritation. We hope that with all these tips, it becomes far easier for you to manage mask related skin problems or handle Maskne. 



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