Sachin Pilot No Longer Deputy CM of Rajasthan as Power Tussle Intensifies

CM Ashok Gehlot led Congress government has been made vulnerable after Sachin Pilot’s revolt and the dwindling numbers may aggravate the crisis in Rajasthan’s politics.

Sachin Pilot | Photo - Sachin Pilot/Twitter

Rajasthan has been witnessing a growing political crisis over the last couple of days as the Congress led government in the state faces chances of being toppled after Sachin Pilot began a revolt against the party. The revolt started by veteran Congress leader Sachin Pilot against the CM Ashok Gehlot has made the situation of the Congress party very vulnerable and there are speculations that the Congress government may face a complete erasure from the state and the BJP may soon be able to form its government in the state. 

Sachin Pilot has now been sacked and dismissed from all offices he held in Rajasthan. The fractures between the Congress and Mr. Pilot have become much more clear than ever before.

It was only yesterday that CM Ashok Gehlot’s supporters had claimed that he has 106 MLAs on his side and this is at least five more than the majority mark of 101 and therefore there was no reason for the Congress to feel worried but it is now possible that the MLAs on his side may have dropped to about 100, the half way mark in the 200 member state assembly. 

The Congress party in Rajasthan had the support of 107 Congress MLAs and 15 MLAs from other parties and thus was able to form the government with the majority of 122 MLAs. The revolt started by Sachin Pilot has certainly destabilised the party. 

Two other Rajasthan ministers namely Vishwendra Singh and Ramesh Meena are said to be camping with Sachin Pilot in Delhi. It was yesterday that Sachin Pilot’s supporters also release a video showing 16 MLAs at an unknown location. It is believed that Sachin Pilot has the support of 17 MLAs and three independents. This means that now the Congress has support from 122 MLAs, 107 of them are from the Congress and 15 are independent members and from different parties. The revolt by Sachin Pilot may be a game changer in Rajasthan’s political trajectory.


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