Study Underlines, Polar Bears Will Become Extinct by 2100 Given Global Temperature Rise

A recent study reveals that polar bears will become extinct 2100 due to global warming and resultant reduction in availability of food.

Polar Bear

In what can be seen as a very disheartening and sad news for nature lovers throughout the world, a study has revealed that the world will no longer have polar bears by 2100. The polar bears in the world will become extinct by 2100 if the current trends in global warming continue unchallenged. 

The study was published on July 20,2020. 

The polar bears will become extinct because they depend on fish below sea ice and with global warming taking place at an unprecedented scale, ice caps are melting and food is declining for animals like polar bears. This implies that polar bears will find it extremely difficult to gather food and thus they won’t survive and reproduce either. 

Polar Bear

The study warns that if global warming continues like this, then only polar bears that are living on Canada’s Arctic Archipelago will survive till 2100 and everywhere else they will continue to die and eventually become extinct. The study also underlines the fact that melting ice sheets will certainly be a great existential danger for polar bears.


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