The Encounter of Vikas Dubey: From Non-Entity to Dreaded Gangster

From a non-entity to most dreaded gangster in India, Vikas Dubey’s story is nerve-chilling and complex.

Gangster Vikash Dubey killed in police encounter.

A relatively unknown name in Uttar Pradesh and the rest of India, Vikas Dubey suddenly came to the centre of public gaze over the last one week. 

As the sun prepared to set and the day was about to come to a closure, gangster Vikas Dubey became the most dreaded name across the whole nation. Vikas Dubey and his accomplices had killed eight policemen in the Bikru village that falls in the Cahubeypur police circle,UP with extreme brutality. 

The police team that was assigned the task went to his house in the wee hours of the morning to arrest him in a case of attempted murder. But before the police could arrest him, he seemed to already know that they were coming and was already prepared with his gang and open-fired on the suspecting police personnel. After this he fled with other members of his gang, leaving behind a trail of immense horror and brutal death.

This incident led to massive outrage throughout the country.  On the same day, the Kanpur police had shot dead two gang members of Vikas Dubey. 

The police also demolished Vikas Dubey’s house in Bikru village and even damaged his echoes and tractors. The Station officer Vinay Tiwari and inspector KK Sharma were suspended and arrested after their call records suggested that they were constantly in touch with the gangster. As the case proceeded, the political affiliations of Vikas Dubey became headlines and his photos with top political leaders across political parties came to the limelight. 

It came to the public front that the gangster had amassed a great amount of wealth for himself by owning real estate and liquor businesses and extending contracts to others.

Meanwhile, the political parties engaged in a blame game and hunted down his lieutenant Amar Dubey on Wednesday in Etawah. His other important ally Prabhat Mishra was arrested and shot dead in an encounter on Thursday. 

All this time, Vikas Dubey was missing and fifty police teams were looking for him and a Special Task Force raided all his hideouts and picked up his relatives and aides to exert pressure on Vikas Dubey.

 The state borders were successfully sealed and the police was in an intense for the gangster. 

But Vikas Dubey remained hiding at a relative’s house in Kanpur itself for two days. He then reached Faridabad where he stayed at a hotel for sometime and the CCTV camera of the hotel showed his presence, but the police reached there after he had fled from there. Vikas Dubey’s moves were telecasted day and night on television and the media gave ample attention to the whole episode and the much wanted gangster was converted overnight into the dreaded don that the whole of India was looking for them. 

Vikas Dubey then fled to Madhya Pradesh and Ujjain. On Thursday morning he arrived at the Mahakaal temple, revealed his identity and got himself arrested. The credit for his arrest was picked up by the Madhya Pradesh police and he was handed over to the UP Special Task Force on Thursday night. 

The accused reached Kanpur on Friday morning when the SUV that was being used to bring him back overturned and he was killed while trying to flee. 

Vikas Dubey died in an encounter. The story began on one Friday and ended on the other, making Vikas Dubey the most dreaded gangster around.


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