The Worrying Trend of Stillbirths and Babies Excreting Inside the Womb in Coronavirus Infected Mothers

The release of meconium inside the womb and a growing number of stillbirths in coronavirus positive mothers causes concern and worry.

India’s Pregnant Women Bear the Brunt of an Over-Burdened Public Health System Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic | Photo Source -

The coronavirus pandemic has been taking a serious toll on people’s health and mental wellbeing and a disturbing trend amid the growing infection rates is that of an increasing number of reported still childbirths. 

Doctors throughout the country have been reporting that there have been a rising number of cases of stillbirths and babies passing meconium while they are still inside the womb. 

Doctors say that an important cause for this could be that mother have contracted the coronavirus and as a result the babies still inside the womb are suffering.  

Meconium or the child’s first excreta is generally passed within the first few hours from when the child is born and may even be recorded within a couple of days after birth. 

But ever since the pandemic began to take a toll on India, a large number of mothers are being forced to experience stillbirth and a large number of babies are passing their first stool inside the womb. 

When the mother has contracted coronavirus and has shooting fever, the baby inside her also has fever and due to that distress, the baby may pass stool and may end up swallowing it. This exposes the child in the foetus to the risks of getting pneumonitis because it can enter into the child’s lungs.



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