West Bengal Opts for Two Lockdowns a Week Strategy to Control Covid Spread

West Bengal opts for two complete lockdowns per week in order to contain and control the spread of coronavirus in the state.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal has been seeing a steady spike in the number of coronavirus positive cases and in order to bring the situation into control, CM Mamata Banerjee has announced that the state will undergo complete lockdown for two days every week as a step to control and contain the spread of the coronavirus infection. 

The state authorities arrived at this decision after a high-high-level meeting was conducted at the West Bengal Secretariat.

The state government also warned that at a few places in West Bengal there was community transmission and therefore the authorities in the state felt that it was mandatory to put a complete lockdown in place for at least two days in a week in order for the situation to be bought under control.

This effort is also being seen as key to breaking the chain of infection and tackling the situation better.

The first lockdown under this scheme will be imposed on July 25 and after that the second lockdown under this scheme will be on July 29. The government will also soon hold a meeting to decide its future course of action.



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