Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Flood Situation in Bihar Deteriorates

The floods in Bihar are wrecking large-scale havoc in the state and have so far claimed thirteen lives. The northern districts are the worst effected.

Flood in Bihar | Photo - Srinivas B V /Twitter

The whole country has been grappling against the coronavirus pandemic amid a steady soar in the number of cases and a large number of deaths are being reported from different parts of the country. But amidst the pandemic, states such as Bihar and Assam are faced with a massive challenge brought forward by the annual floods. 

The situation in Bihar seems to be worsening as many of its rivers are overflowing and the water level is well above the danger mark. 

The floods have so far claimed thirteen lives in the state and the number of people who are being affected by the calamity has climbed to 50 lakh. The worst affected are the northern parts of Bihar.

 According to the status report issued by the Disaster Management department, the northern parts of the state including Muzaffarpur, West Champaran and Darbhanga are the worst affected parts of the state and have been reporting deaths at frequent intervals.

 So far these districts have alone claimed eleven lives. 

 More than 14 districts of Bihar stand affected by the floods and the total number of people who are suffering due to the floods is over 49 lakh. Many rivers in the state like Buddha Gandak, Kosi, Kamla, Bhagmati and Adhwara have been flowing above the danger mark. 

The districts that have been most adversely affected due to the floods are East Champaran, Gopalganj, Darbhanga, Saran etc. 



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