Auctioneers Shocked to Find Gandhi’s Gold Rimmed Glasses Inside Letterbox

To their utter shock and extreme surprise, a group of auctioneers in Briston, England find Gandhi’s glasses popping out of the letterbox.

“Pair of Mahatma Gandhi’s Personal Spectacles”, forms part of the auctioneers’ Military, History and Classic Cars online sale and will go under the hammer on August 21. Photo:

It is being believed that a pair of eye glasses or spectacles belonging to Mahatma Gandhi have the potential to fetch thousands at an auction. The pair of glasses that belonged to Mahatma Gandhi have recently been put in an envelope and mailed to a group of auctioneers by the owner, with the expectance of some money in return. These eye glasses or spectacles originally belonged to the uncle of the present owner and Mahatma Gandhi has gifted the pair to him when he made a trip to South Africa in the 1920s. The eye glasses owned by Mahatma Gandhi were certainly a prised possession of the family and were handed down from one generation to another as an asset but now they have been given out to auctioneers with the hope that they can fetch the present owner some money.

The owner put the pair in an envelope and sent it to an auction house in Bristol, England. At present the sale price of the rare artefact has been set between 1o,000-15,000 pounds but it is expected that bidders will actually be willing to pay much more when the auctions actually start.

Andrew Stowe who is a member of the Bristol auction forum said, “We came in one morning, and there, poking rather precariously out of our letter box, was a small envelope. In the envelope was the pair of spectacles, along with a note which read, ‘These are Gandhi’s glasses’, and a phone number for the owner.’ It was the most bizarre five minutes of my career. A telephone call later and we learned the full story and set about our research. Once we dug a little deeper, we realised these glasses were find of huge historical importance. Gandhi is an iconic figure in world history. When one thinks of him you conjure up the image of his shawl, his sandals and, of course, his glasses.”


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