Delhi University Professor Apoorvanand Questioned in Delhi Communal Violence Case, Phone Seized

Delhi University Professor Apoorvanand questioned by Delhi Police and his phone seized during investigations.

Professor Apoorvanand

A series of investigations and questionings are underway in the Delhi communal violence case that had taken place in the city during the month of February earlier this year. It is in the context of the case that well-known Delhi University professor Apoorvanand was taken in for questioning by the Delhi Police. 

Professor Apoorvanand also claimed that his phone had also been sensed for investigation purposes and he had to spend nearly five hours in the police investigations and questioning. 

Issuing a statement on Tuesday, he had underlined that police harassment of people who spoke against the policies of the government was wrong and the fact that people who had been protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act had been punished and harassed by the government was condemnable. He said, “While cooperating and respecting the right of police authorities to conduct a full, fair and thorough investigation, one can only hope that the probe would focus on the real instigators and perpetrators of the violence against peaceful citizen’s protest and the people of North East Delhi.”

Professor Apoorvanand has been teaching Hindi at Delhi University and has been a popular name in media circuits and has been writing extensively against the government’s recent CAA, NPR and NRC moves. He has asked for a fair and just investigation into the Delhi violence.


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