Jammu and Kashmir’s Newly Appointed Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha Promises Peace, Dialogue and Fight Against Terrorism

Newly appointed lieutenant governor Manoj Sinha emphasises dialogue and peace as he takes oath and promises peace.

Newly appointed lieutenant governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha

The erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir has been a constant theme for political discussions, in a latest development from the Valley, the Centre has appointed Manoj Sinha as the new lieutenant governor.

After being appointed the lieutenant governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Manoj Sinha said that under him, the administration would encourage dialogue and peace with the people of the Valle. He also said the focus of the administration will be on engaging in direct dialogue with the citizens on the union territory and end the situation of fear and violence and counter the menace of terrorism.

He also said that the historic day of August 5 would be remembered as a landmark in the history of Jammu and Kashmir and that it has joined the erstwhile state to the mainstream India after decades of remaining in isolation.

The focus of his speech was on dialogue and debate with the people of Jammu and Kashmir and promised that there would be no discrimination against anyone and that all people would be treated with equality and humanitarian justice.

It is in this context that Manoj Sinha said, “There should be peace and stability in Jammu and Kashmir. The situation of uncertainty should end, terrorism should end. Achieving all this along with accelerated development will be our aim, our mission.”



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