Man Attacked with Hammer Over Suspicion of Transporting Beef in Gurugram

A video on social media shows a man being brutally beaten by a hammer in the presence of a police personnel over suspicion of transporting beef.

Lukman, a 25 year old meat supplier from Mewat  was beaten with a hammer and rods. He was admitted to the hospital, reported NDTV and Times of India.

Lukman has maintained that the meat was buffalo and not beef. Police sent the meat sample found in Lukman’s car for examination in a lab.

Police have registered a case against unknown persons, one assaulter Pradeep Kumar is held.

There are several incidents related to the brutal attack and killing of individuals over suspicion of transporting meat which have been reported time to time but unfortunately insuddinect and ineffective measures have been taken by the authorities in this regard.



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