PM Modi Introduces Platform Promising Seamless and Transparent Taxation System

PM Narendra Modi has launched a platform to promise an honest taxation system in the country and honour honest tax payers.

PM Narendra Modi | Photo - Screenshot

Prime Minister Modi has lauded a platform named ‘Transparent Taxation-Honouring the Honest’. He said that this new platform will help the government to strengthen its efforts for encouraging an honest taxation system in the country and introducing suitable reforms in it. 

He also said that the bringing in of such a platform would also help to ease and make easy tax compliance. According to the vision shared by the prime minister, this platform will be able to note down honest tax payers. He said that honest taxpayers do play an extremely important role in nation building and its development.

 Features like faceless assessment, faceless appeal and taxpayer charter will be part of this newly launched platform. The motto of the platform is ‘Banking the unbanked, securing the unsecured.’

PM Modi said, “ The platform has big reforms such as faceless assessment, faceless appeal and taxpayers charter. Faceless assessment and taxpayers charter come in force from today, whereas faceless appeal service will be available from September 25.” 

The platform as has been promised will make the taxation system seamless, painless and faceless. 

Before the platform had been launched, Finance Minister Sitharaman addressed the forum and said that the building of this platform will help in the creation of a transparent taxation system.


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