Suffocation Kills Six Inside Septic Tank in Jharkhand

Six people die due to suffocation while going inside a septic tank in Jharkhand.

Sanitation Workers at Risk
[Representative Image] Sanitation workers are exposed to multiple occupational and environmental hazards. | Photo - Creative Commons

We are aware of the terribly hostile conditions in which most sanitation workers are compelled to work in India, a recent news report from Ranchi, Jharkhand once again raises the issue of the plight and condition of our sanitation workers and the pathetic condition in which they are forced to work.

Recently, six people lost their lives due to suffocation while they were working on cleaning up a septic tank in the Deoghar district of Jharkhand.

Eyewitnesses say that all six of them had entered the septic tank one after the other, because they thought they could save each other’s lives but sadly all of them died.

When no one who had entered the septic tank made a comeback,  police was called in for help and a JCB was used to pull them all out.

They were immediately rushed to the hospital but were declared brought dead.

All the six people had entered the septic tank one after another just in order to be able to save the other person’s life but they all died due to suffocation.


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