Sunday, June 26, 2022

Top New Briefing/Parliamentary Panel Led by Shashi Tharoor Summons Facebook Representatives on September 2


A Standing Committee on Information Technology led by Shashi Tharoor has decided to summon Facebook and has asked it to appear before a especially created panel and discuss over the alleged misuse of Facebook in recent times especially in the context of spreading hate speech. This new development has come about in the context of a recent report that was published in The Wall Street Journal and alleged that Facebook’s India Policy Director Ankhi Das did not apply hate speech rules as far as the speeches of some BJP leaders was concerned in recent times. The special committee has asked representatives of Facebook among with people from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to appear before it on September 2 to discuss more on the recent allegations and the supposed infringement of social/media platforms etc.

Kerala CM Vehemently Opposes Move to Privatise Airports in the State  : The Centre has announced its decision to privatise three airports in the state of Kerala but the state has appealed to the Union Cabinet to revoke its decision and not give out the airports to the Adani group. All political parties in the state have shown their unhappiness with the proposal to privatise and handover three airports in the state to private players especially the Thiruvananthapuram airport which is scheduled to go the Adani group. The CM Pinarayi Vijayan has urged the Union Government to revoke its decision and not go on with its decision to run the airport through PPP model. Airports in Jaipur, Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram were leased out for a period of 50 years on Wednesday.

Punjab Imposes Stringent Lockdown Rules : Keeping the growing coronavirus cases in mind. Punjab CM Amarinder Singh has decided to apply stringent lockdown restrictions in the state. The decision involves a daily fight curfew that will be scheduled from 7pm to 5am and all begin from Friday. There will also be a weekend lockdown in the 167 cities and towns of the state and the state government has decided to be very strict as far as the following of these rules is concerned. These emergency measures have been imposed till August 31 till now. There is also a ban on public gatherings and private transport, 50% of shops have also been closed. CM Amarinder Singh has called this a “war like preparedness” to deal with the spike in coronavirus numbers.

Congress-BJP Lock Horns on Rajiv Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary in Tripura : A major conflict and a series of clashes broke out between the supports of Congress and BJP as they looked horns in Tripura on the birth anniversary of late Congress leader Rajiv Gandhi. These clashes have left many people injured including police personnel . The clashes took place when Congress supporters were going to Agartala to attend an event to mark the birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, and the convoy was attacked by the supporters of BJP. Crowds of supporters engaged in a clash and the police personnel trying to bring the situation under control were also injured in the process. 

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