Thursday, June 30, 2022

Top News Briefing/ Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Draws Attention to Non-Cooperation from Nepal, Asks PM Modi’s Help


Top Story: Bihar CM asked PM to intervene into northern Bihar flood situation

The flood situation in Bihar is still worsening and the death toll stands at 23 and around 74 lakh people have been effected, according to a Disaster Management Department bulletin.In a video conference with PM Narendra Modi, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar drew attention towards the non-cooperation of Nepal in managing the flood situation that is presently effecting Bihar and has wrecked havoc in several parts of northern Bihar. Mr. Kumar said “North Bihar gets ravaged by floods because of heavy rainfall in the catchment areas of Nepal. In accordance with an agreement between India and Nepal, the water resources department of Bihar conducts the flood management work in the bordering areas.” He added “But we have not been receiving full cooperation from Nepal in the past few years”.The condition of the state is worsening along with increasing number of COVID-19 cases. Inadequate political will of the state authorities and shortage of medical infrastructure have contributed to further worsening of the situation.

Kerala’s Idukki  Landslide : The death toll of Kayathar residents trapped in the debris after the Rajamala landslide in Kerala has increased to 22 with four more bodies being identified on Sunday. The toll rose to 49 on Monday, the National Disaster Response Force said. The landslide happened at the Nayamakkad tea estate in Idukki on Friday.

Shah Faesal Quits Politics: Jammu and Kashmir politician Shah Faesal who resigned from administrative services and formed JKPM ( Jammu Kashmir Political Movement), a political party,  in March 2020 quit politics. After resigning from the party ,Mr. Faesal said that his party would prove a platform for young people and would welcome seasoned political leaders with an unblemished record.

Rajasthan Political Turmoil: Sachin Pilot who revolted against Congress and CM Ashok Ghelot’s leadership met both Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, reported NDTV. The sources said that Mr. Pilot has plans of returning back to party with 18 other MLA’s  who are supporting him. The meeting lasted for three hours. Now Mr. Pilot is back to Jaipur and has promised to do as his party asks him to do.

CM Yogi Adityanath Refuses to Attend Mosque Inauguration in Ayodhya: The invitation came as a shock to him because just a couple of days ago, he had said that it was highly impossible that he would be invited for such an event. It was on August 7 that the UP CM Yogi Adityanath had said that he would not be interested in attending the inauguration of a mosque in Ayodhya even if he is invited for such an event because he is a practicing Hindu and also noted that there was no possibility of anyone inviting him either for such an event. 

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