Friday, May 7, 2021

    Top News Briefing/ Census Likely to be Postponed Due to Pandemic and Other Updates


    In Focus: Census Likely to be Postponed Due to Pandemic

    The coronavirus pandemic has been taking a toll on the world and as cases multiply in the country, it has been decided by the government that the Census and the exercise for updating the NPR which was scheduled for this year will be deferred by the coronavirus pandemic and will be conducted at another date. There are chances that such an exercise will be delayed for at least a year due to the ongoing pandemic situation. It is to be noted that the Census in India is one of the largest data collecting activities in the county and involves more than 30 lakh people and requires such officials to travel from home to home in order to collect the data. But due to the ongoing pandemic situation it has been decided that the conduction of the census process will be delayed and postponed to at least one year.

     Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Unhappy With Silence on NEET-JEE : The country is presently experiencing a major hue and cry regarding the conduction of the NEET and JEE exams amid the pandemic and it is in this context that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has expressed his unhappiness about conducting the exam amid such times. He has targeted PM Narendra Modi for not having addressed the issue in the latest Mann Ki Baat. 

    India and Russia Become Joint Winners of Chess Olympiad : India and Russia have been jointly awarded the Gold Olympiad winners along with Russia after Sunday’s final. India was earlier declared to have lost in the game due to poor internet connectivity but after lodging an appeal the decision was reversed and India and Russia were declared joint winners.

    Indian Navy Sends Warship in South China After Galwan Crisis: Months have passed since India and China engaged in conflict at the  Galwan Valley and tensions had really escalated beyond control, India has sent warships to the South China Sea.  20 Indian soldiers had also lost their lives due to the clashes. But now India has deployed its warship at the South China Sea.

    Delhi Metro to Commence Soon With New Guidelines for Passengers: The Delhi Metro is soon to resume its services with a new set of protocols that have to be followed amid the coronavirus pandemic.  The authorities have come up with new regulations such as the mandatory use of masks and smart cards. Tokens will no longer be issued or used at the metro stations. Other important procedures are thermal screening at entry points of various metro stations. Those caught without masks will be fined. Metros will not operate in containment zones. Sanitisers will be kept at different points for the usage of passengers and officials.

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