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In Focus: JEE and NEET Entrance Exams Likely to be Held Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The proposal to conduct the NEET and the JEE entrance examinations amid the coronavirus pandemic has not gone down well with the opposition parties and they have been strongly protesting against this move. It is in this regard that the ministers of six opposition parties have moved the apex court and asked it to review the decision with extreme urgency amid the prevailing coronavirus crisis. The review plea has been filed by ministers from West Bengal, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh among a host of other states. These opposition parties have raised their concerns about conducting the examinations amid soaring infections and security concerns. It was on August 17 that the Supreme Court had dismissed all pleas demanding that the NEET and JEE exams be postponed. The Centre has said that the careers of students cannot be comprised with and they cannot be put in jeopardy.

Sudha Bhardwaj’s Bail Plea Has Been Rejected : The bail plea of social activist Sudha Bhardwaj has been rejected by the Bombay High Court. Sudha Bhardwaj is a well known activist who has been arrested along with several other activists in the Bhima Koregaon case. Sudha Bhardwaj’s bail plea had been filed on medical grounds. She is presently in Mumbai’s Byculla Women’s Jail.  She had filed an appeal before the High Court of Bombay against the special NIA courts rejection of her interim bail plea filed on medical grounds.

Passengers Boarding Domestic Flights in India Will Now Be Served Meals: The coronavirus pandemic has been taking a toll on the entire world and has been leaving an adverse impact on the economies of the world. As despite the growing rage of the coronavirus infection and an increasing number of fatalities, many countries are trying to revive their economies, there is immense hope but on the other hand, there are extreme challenges too. In a latest development from the aviation industry and the measures to revive it amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Centre has now decided to allow domestic flights in India to serve meals onboard. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has gone ahead and said that now domestic airlines will be allowed to serve previously packed snacks, meals and beverages on board. Moreover, passengers onboard international flights will also be served hot meals. Domestic flights began after a prolonged lockdown on May 25 but at that time flights weren’t allowed the permission to serve meals onboard. But to revive the aviation industry and slowly bring the industry to normalcy, the aviation ministry has come up with this decision and it is hoped that all protocols and hygiene considerations are taken into consideration and all passengers may enjoy safe meals inboard.

UGC Sticks to its Decision for Conducting Final Year Examinations : The University Grants Commission(UGC)has decided to go ahead with its decision to make it compulsory for all universities and colleges to conduct final year examinations for their students.  The Supreme Court of India has gone ahead and also underlined that no university or college is permitted to promote final year students and neither are they to be given degrees without the conduction of the exams. However, the Supreme Court has also said that states that don’t want to conduct the final year examinations at the present can get in touch with the UGC for an extension to its September 30 deadline given for conducting the final year examinations. The apex court made this response while hearing a series of pleas that were submitted before it against the UGC’s decision of conducting final year examinations before September 30. Those who have been opposing the UGC’s decision feel that this is not the appropriate time for conducting the exams.

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