Thursday, September 24, 2020

    Top News Briefing/ Violence Breaks Out in Bangalore Over Provocative FB Post and Other Top Stories


    Today in Focus : Violence Breaks Out in Bengaluru Over Provocative Facebook Post by Kin of Congress MLA

    Three people were killed in a violence that broke out in Bangalore on Tuesday. The violence had started at KG Halli and the neighbouring DJ Halli areas of the city when the house of a Congress MLA and the nearby police station were attacked by an angry mob. 200 bikes that were parked outside the police station were set ablaze and the building has been damaged. While three police men were killed in the police firing, several others have also been injured in the violence. The violence broke out when a kin of a Congress MLA Srinivas Murthy wrote a post demeaning the Prophet on Facebook and the members of the Muslim community had found the post derogatory. Curfew has been declared in several parts of the city.

    Joe Bidden’s Decision to Pick Kamala Harris for Vice President Winning Accolades World Over 

    Politics in United States of America is in full election fervour as Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has chosen Sen. Kamala Harris, D Calif as his running mate. This is considered to be a historic decision because this is the first that a woman of Asian origins has been chosen to run for the post of Vice President. Harris is a 55 year old woman of Asian-African origins and the daughter of Indian and Jamaican parents. Biden served as Vice President of America during the times when Barack Obama was serving as President. Thus his move of choosing a woman of colour to run with him, is being considered a historic decision.

    Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot Asks All to “Forget and Forgive”

    The political turmoil in Rajasthan has been climbing new heights and what looks like a battle of egos seems to only be getting more complicated day by day. While the Congress has declared that the conflict has now come to an end after a meeting with rebel Sachin Pilot and his group of MLAs. CM Ashok Gehlot is yet to meet with Sachin Pilot but has appealed to all to forgive and forget what happened while acknowledging that it was natural for politicians to get angry at times in the domain of ideas and ideologies.

    AIIMS Director Warns That COVID Cases Haven’t Peaked or Plateaued So Far

    While advising everyone to be careful with the usage of the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus, AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria said that the coronavirus cases in India hadn’t reached a peak so far and they were not even close to plateauing. This remark has come at a time when the country is recording a high number of cases everyday and is undergoing extremely trying times. He also said that the claims made by the Russian vaccine and its ability to effectively and efficiently protect against the coronavirus have to be very studied and only then should they be made available for public usage.

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    Shaheen Bagh’s ‘Bilkis Dadi’ Makes it to Time’s Most Influential List

    The name of 82 year old Bilkis featured on the Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people of the year along with other Indians.

    Trepan Singh Chauhan: An Inspiration for Socially Committed Youth

    Social activist Trepan Singh Chauhan’s tremendous contributions to the world of social movements shall continue to be celebrated several years after his death.

    Yoshihide Suga – who is the man set to be Japan’s next prime minister?

    Former prime minister Shinzo Abe’s resignation last month due to illness was a surprise. But once the leadership contest was declared, 71-year-old Suga - the chief cabinet secretary - was widely expected to be Japan’s next prime minister.

    UN Condemns India Over Coal-based Activities,Igniting Debate on Differential Responsibilities Towards Climate Change

    The United Nations has condemned India over the usage of coal based energy resources highlighting the paradoxes, challenges and issues in the debate on climate change.

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