For Smokers Wanting to Quit, the Pandemic is a Solid and Effective Push

While the fact that smoking is injurious to health is common knowledge, the coronavirus infection has highlighted the need to quit it with urgency.

Coronavirus infection has highlighted the need to quit it with urgency.

We are being told through latest research on the theme that smokers are at an increased risk of being infected with the coronavirus. While smoking has been known to be bad for health and the act of quitting smoking has been celebrated in our society, the novel coronavirus has once again highlighted the negative implications of smoking on people’s healths. 

This implies that while smoking has been harmful for the smoker’s health from the beginning, the arrival of the coronavirus has made it an altogether urgent need to quit the habit. The act of smoking is known to affect every organ of the human body and research has shown that those who have the habit of smoking become eve more vulnerable to the coronavirus infection. 

This is largely because extensive smoking makes the lungs weaker by impairing their function, the coronavirus too leaves a drastic impact on one’s lungs and thus smokers find it increasingly more difficult to ward off the infection compared to healthier non-smokers. Moreover, those who smoke can be at a increased risk of being infected by coronavirus because smokers often share smoking products such as lighters, matchboxes or even a single cigarette, this may make them more vulnerable to catching the coronavirus infection. 

If you can’t quit smoking on your own, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) may be the answer 

While taking all kinds of precautions to ward off the coronavirus infection is important and we must make sure that we keep ourselves away from all possibilities of getting infected, we must also strive to keep the lungs healthy, because having healthy and strong lungs can be key to  fighting the worst fallouts of the coronavirus infection. Thus it becomes extremely important for people who smoke to quit smoking, this will allow the body to begin the process of damage repair and over a prolonged period of time, it will be able to minimise the risk of life threatening ailments dramatically.

Organisations such as the WHO and the United States Food and Drug Administration have recommended a series of methods to help smokers to get over their addition and quit smoking. One of the best and safest suggested methods is the usage of Nicotine Replacement Therapy(NRT).

These organisations have asserted time and again that while smoking had always been known to create damage to the lungs of the smoker, the coronavirus pandemic calls smokers to quit smoking with renewed energy and determination. 

The lungs of a smoker are already weak and impaired and may become even more defenceless when attacked by the coronavirus and may even result in fatality or in critical condition. Also data from around the world suggests that fatalities are higher among people with chronic respiratory disease and cardiovascular problems, cancer or other compilations that are related to smoking.  

While impairing the function of the lungs, smoking may also lead to bronchial asthma and can visibly bring down the smokers ability to fight other diseases. Thus it is an opportune moment for smokers to quit smoking and opt for Nicotine Replacement Therapy if they are finding it hard to quit smoking on their own. This therapy will not only reduce one’s craving for smoking or the usage of tobacco based products but will bring down dependency and enhance the possibilities of quitting smoking and thereby help improve ones access to better life quality. There is no doubt that smokers will find it extremely hard to quit smoking in the beginning but the coronavirus pandemic is a very good time to take the plunge and quit smoking for the sake of one’s wellbeing and overall health.  NRT is quite a popular method throughout the world to quit smoking and in India Nicotex is among the most popular products that are used to assist people in quitting smoking through the usage of the NRT.  The pandemic is an appropriate time to quit smoking.If you happen to be a smoker, take a step forward for the sake of your health.



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