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School Reminiscence 

I have sweet memories of when
I was with you, simple and yet strong. The long walks back to our rooms,
The childish fights over forgotten things, The quiet confiding over a dark night. 

Staying up in fear,
Shaking in terror at ghosts of my mind, Waking up our teacher,
Just for the comfort of an adult. 

Digging in the lawn,
Planting greens we later ate, serious in our earnest endeavour to grow our own garden. 

Moulding sticky clay,
Forming objects of imagination, Fingers dirty, faces beaming,
In the soothing shade
of a pottery workshop. 

Making realms of fantasy, Building shrines in my mind,
We played not with toys
but stones, sticks, and the givings of what we saw. 

I treasure them in myself, 

Treasure every sight, sound, story. You will be with me wherever I go, Carried in the back of my head, springing out at random to bring a wistful smile to my face; The memories I built will never break. 

Arjun Ramsubramanian is a seventeen year old student who loves to write poetry and read fiction.He is based in the Kalrayan Hills of Tamil Nadu. 


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