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Top News Briefing/ Facebook Controversy Amplifies as IT Minister Accuses Mark Zuckerberg’s Company of Defaming PM Modi and Other Updates


In Focus: Facebook Controversy Amplifies as IT Minister Accuses Mark Zuckerberg’s Company of Defaming PM Modi 

The controversy around Facebook is becoming more tense and the IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has alleged that several employees of Facebook have been engaged in abusing PM Narendra Modi. These allegations which have been made by the IT minister are quite opposite to the contemporary debate running in media circuits which alleges that Facebook has a bias towards the ruling party and doesn’t act on the incendiary posts by several leaders of the party.

China-India Tensions Continue Near Pangong Lake: The tensions between India and China have still not been resolved after several talks and attempts at striking peace. The Chinese troops are engaged in proactive action near the southern bank of the Pangong Lake in Ladakh. India has been keen on stopping such military escalations from the Chinese sides and several talks were also held but the situation continues to be tense in the area. The Chinese troops were engaged in proactive action on August 21,2020 despite the fact that several talks were going on to make sure that matters don’t escalate beyond measure.

Delhi’s Coronavirus Cases Continue to Soar High : Delhi had been doing quite well in bringing down the number of coronavirus cases but it has now reported the highest single day spike since the last two months. According to the data of the government, Delhi has reported 2,312 fresh coronavirus cases and more than eighteen people have lost their lives so far. The city’s total number of cases has now reached 1.77 lakh and over 4,600 people have died.

Parliament Being Readied for Sessions Amid Pandemic: The Parliament building is being readied amidst the coronavirus pandemic for the Parliament Session that would start from September 14.  From masks, face shields, sanitisers, touch free operation doors and compulsory coronavirus tests for more than 4,000 people including MPs and staff, the preparations are under full-swing. This is the first time that the Parliament Session will be held in full-swing amid the coronavirus pandemic. Several arrangements are being made to ensure that the session can be carried out keeping the safety protocol in mind.

Former President Pranab Mukherjee’s Funeral Amid Full State Honours  : The funeral of former President Pranab Mukherjee took place on Tuesday with full military honours. Pranab Mukherjee passed away on Monday after weeks of a brain surgery. The government along with several states have announced an official seven day mourning period to commemorate his death.  Several political leaders visited his official home in Delhi where his body had been taken after death. Leaders like PM Narendra Modi, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi paid their tributes.

Dr. Kafeel Khan Relived of NSA Charges, Set Free: Dr. Kafeel Khan has been relieved of all charges by the Allahabad High Court. Dr. Kafeel Khan had been charged by the National Security Agency(NSA) but now an immediate release has been ordered for him. Kafeel Khan was imprisoned in the Mathura jail in Uttar Pradesh since January this year. A bench headed by Chief Justice Govind Mathur and Justice Saumitra Dayal Singh was hearing the petition that had been filed by Kafeel Khan’s mother. The plea by Kafeel Khan’s mother alleged that her son had been detained illegally. The petition said that although Kafeel Khan had been granted bail in February, the NSA which was immediately invoked against him did not allow for him to be released. The plea said that since he was not released for four days after being granted bail, his arrest by the NSA was illegal. 

Dr. Kafeel Khan had been accused by the NSA for delivering an allegedly provocative speech inside the Aligarh Muslim University campus during the Anti-CAA protests last year. It was in the middle of August that the government of Uttar Pradesh made up its mind to extend his detention for three more months. Now the Allahabad High Court has relived Kafil Khan of all charges under the NSA and has decided to finally release him. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said in a tweet, “ It is expected that the UP government will release Dr. Kafeel Khan without any malice.”She also went on to congratulate ‘justice loving people’ and all her fellow party workers who had worked towards Dr. Kafeel Khan’s release.

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