Sunday, June 13, 2021

    Top News Briefing/ Farmers Protest Against Farmers’ Bills in Karnataka and Other News Updates


    Today in Focus: Farmers Detailed in Bengaluru for Protesting Against Recent Farmers’ Bills

    In the ongoing farmers’ protests that have been going on in different parts of the nation against the recently introduced farmers’ bills, 300 people have been detained during the protests at Bengaluru’s Town Hall. Thousands of people came together to protest against the farmers’ bills that were recently passed in the Parliament including activists, farmers’ bodies and members of other organisations. These protestors had gathered outside the premise of the Town Hall to protest against the legislation and to remind both the Centre and the state governments, that people were disillusioned by the move. It is in this context that the Police have arrested 300 people. These people had gathered in large numbers to raise an alarm against the recently passed farmers’ bills and for blocking the nearby roads and pathways while protesting.

    The protests saw the coming together of various farmers organisations which included Kodihalli Chandrashekhar and Kuruburu Chandrashekhar. These organisations were headed towards the Town Hall and were detained by the police because it alleged that the protestors were causing difficulties for people who wanted to cross the streets through walking and cars and were impeding public movement.

    Sonia Gandhi Asks Congress Ruled States to Negate Farm Bills

    While Indian President Ram Nath Kovind has granted his assent to the controversial farm bills, Congress president Sonia Gandhi has gone ahead and asked Congress ruled states to negate the agriculture related laws by passing their own legislations. She also said that she would work to alleviate the sufferings of the farmers under the current regime.

    Hard to Reach Any Conclusions in Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case

    The CBI has been investigating all aspects of the case, but so far no conclusion has been arrived at by the CBI in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. The CBI is conducting professional investigation related to the death of the actor and no aspect has been ruled out so far. The CBI took over the case from the Bihar police into the alleged abetment to suicide case which was filed by the actor’s father against Rhea Chakraborty and her family.

    Centre Begins Crop Procurement Ahead of Time

    While the country is witnessing protests against the recently passed farmers’ bills, the Centre has decided to begin the procurement of winter rice and paddy two days aead of time . Farmers in different parts of the country have been protesting against the bills. While the usual date of procurement is October 1 throughout the country. The move is in tune with the ongoing efforts of the government to reassure farmers who have been protesting against the bills. The Centre has advanced the procurement dates in Haryana and Punjab, these protests have been most severe in these two states. Most farmers’ organisations have seen the move with distrust.

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