Blast in Peshawar Seminary Kills At least Seven and Leaves Over Hundred Others Injured

A blast at a religious school in Pakistan’s Peshawar has killed at least seven people and injured over hundred others.

Blast in Peshawar's religious school Seven killed and Leaves Over Hundred Others Injured. Screengrab

A powerful bomb blast has shaken up Pakistan’s Peshawar. The bomb blast ripped through an Islamic seminary located on the outskirts of Peshawar and killed seven children and injured over 120 people. 

The bomb blast took place in Peshawar’s seminary when a cleric was delivering a lecture about the teachings of Islam at the madrassa.  The police and investigating bodies have said that the bomb blast took place just minutes after someone had left behind an unidentified bag in the madrassa. Many people who suffered injuries due to the bomb blast are now in a critical condition and authorities fear that as the investigation is taken forward, the death toll could see a drastic increase.

Peshwar is the provincial capital of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa bordering Afghanistan . This region has seen a series of such militant attacks in the past and we have been seeing a steady growth in sectarian violence which has been killing  and wounding people at mosques or seminaries throughout Pakistan.

The attack that took place in the Peshawar seminary today has taken place just two days after a bombing shook the city of Quetta and killed three people.

Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan said that he is “deeply saddened” by the news. Khan said, “ My condolences go to the victim’s families and prayers for early recovery of the injured. I want to assure my nation we will ensure the terrorists responsible for this cowardly barbaric attack are brought to justice asap.”



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