Commenting on Grim Picture of Indian Economy Projected by IMF, Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Slams Centre

Given the tremendous economic fallouts of the coronavirus pandemic, Rahul Gandhi critics the Centre over falling per capita GDP as projected by IMF.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi / Image : Rahul Gandhi /Twitter [ file photo]

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been mocking the ruling party and has been making a series of sarcastic comments over the last couple of days. It was on Friday that Rahul Gandhi critiqued the Centre on its handling of the coronavirus pandemic in India and said that even nations like Pakistan had managed to handle the situation better when compared to India. He made this criticism in the context of the International Monetary Fund’s estimated per capita GDP in the aftermath of the pandemic and its declaration that for India, it had shrunk by 10.3% till March 31,2021.

Rahul Gandhi made a sarcastic remark on the shocking shrinkage and said that even countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan had fared better than India. He even went ahead and mockingly called it another “solid achievement” of the ruling party. Rahul Gandhi tweeted that even Pakistan and Bangladesh had been doing better than India and along with his tweet he also put across a chart depicting the IMF’s growth projections for many Asian nations.

With the projections that had been predicted by the IMF, India would be the third in the list of poorest countries in South Asia sarin worse than even Afghanistan. Pakistan and Nepal would then become the only nations to be behind India. It has also estimated that countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka will be ahead of India. The country to be second most affected by the pandemic is likely to be Sri Lanka which is expected to face a shrinkage of over 4.6% in the current year. 

Presently India has the second highest number of coronavirus cases in the world after the United States of America and the third highest toll after Brazil. The country’s tally has risen to 73,70,468 and the toll has reached 1,12,161.



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