Donald Trump or Joe Biden: 70 Million Americans Cast Votes in Early Voting as America Awaits Historic Elections

Early elections in 2020 are indicative of the American citizen’s renewed interest in politics as 70 million people come out to exercise their right to franchise in early voting.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump AP/Julio Cortez

The Presidential Elections are drawing closer in America and as the scheduled date for the historic occasion, i.e. November 3 is just around the corner, we are seeing the excitement and expectations growing amid the American people. The battle between present American President Donald Trump and Joe Biden has captured the centre stage of American politics and the cut-throat battle between the two candidates seems to have become the talk of the town. The American Presidential elections constitute an important global event and the whole world is watching the unfolding of American politics as the countdown to the historic day begins. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been urging people to come out and cast their votes either through mail-in voting or to personally travel to polling stations to cast their votes. 

These campaigns have also been amped up with the participation of sportspersons, Hollywood celebrities and well-known faces from other fields who are asking people to not miss their democratic right to choose their president. This is being considered by many political analysts as one of the most important elections in America.

 It is in this context that the trends and patterns that have emerged in the early voting in America are worth nothing. With locals being encouraged to definitely exercise their right to franchise, 70 million people in America have turned out to cast their votes in the early voting and the numbers seem to be growing by the day, the November 3 deadlines is drawing closer. 

According to the estimates released by the US Election Project, the coming out of 70 million people in the early voting is significant because this is half the number of people who cast their votes in the 2016 elections. In the 2016 American Presidential elections, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton were fighting it out. It was interesting because Hilary Clinton was shown to win in the opinion polls but she lost to Donald Trump in the final count. 

The coming out of 70 million people in the early voting is extremely significant because looking at the trends it is quite possible that this year, America will witness the highest voter turnout in the last 100 years of electoral politics. It is also indicative of the fact that Americans across age groups and communal/ethnic groupings have begun to take a renewed interest in politics and look at the elections of 2020 as a significant determinant of their futures. 

This is assumed to have been helped majorly by the recent ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests that saw massive protests across the length and breadth of America. There has also been growing discontent among the people of America due to the massive impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the people. People in America have also been unhappy with the Trump administration for downplaying the coronavirus pandemic. 

The high voter turnout in America is also indicative of the fact that people are doing their best to avoid the crowded polling booths on the election day to make sure that they don’t catch the coronavirus pandemic. It is expected that the coronavirus pandemic will surge in numbers as the winter approaches. If the opinion polls are to be believed, they are all showing that Joe Biden is coming to power in America. Amid the pandemic, growing discontent against the Trump administration and initial trends indicating a smooth victory for Joe Biden, it would be interesting to see what American politics brings for the people of the country in the coming days.



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