France Witnesses Brutal Beheading of School Teacher Who Showed Caricatures of Prophet Mohammad to Students

In sheer barbaric brutality, a history teacher in France was beheaded for showing cartoons and caricatures of Prophet Mohammad to his students.

President of France Emmanuel Macron

In a shocking episode being reported from France, a history teacher has been brutally killed for showing caricatures of Prophet Mohammad to a class of school students during his lessons.  The school teacher was beheaded and while the assailant has been shot dead, investigation into the matter is still going on.  The incident unfolded in the outskirts of Paris in a school located in the western suburb of Conflans Saint Honorine. 

The murder of the teacher is being linked to terrorist organisations and is seen to have some kind of association with terrorism in France. The assailant too was shot dead by the police near the site where the teacher was beheaded. It is being reported that for sometime the teacher was being threatened on a debate that he had been conducting about certain caricatures of Prophet Mohammad. Some parents of the students had also filed complaints against the teacher for adopting this teaching practice. It has however been confirmed that the person who beheaded the teacher did not have a child studying at the school. 

The French President Emmanuel Marcon has gone ahead and called the incident an “Islamist attack” and invited the citizens of his country to raise their voices against growing extremist tendencies in France. 

He said,  “One of our compatriots was murdered today because he taught… the freedom of expression, the freedom to believe or not to believe.” 

France is currently designing a bill to tackle radicalism in the country. Nine people have so far been arrested in the case and questioning by the Police is going on. The person who killed the teacher is an eighteen year old man of Chechen(Russia) origin. The killing has taken place at a time when France is experiencing an ongoing trial over a 2015 Islamist assault on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, which is known to be a satirical publication. This magazine was attacked by radical organisations for publication of cartoons and satire on Islam.

France’s National Assembly, the parliament and all the governmental bodies in France have condemned the incident and called it an atrocious terror attack. Many muslim leaders of France have also been condemning the attack. 



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