From Scrapping of Farm Bills to Job Generation: Congress, RJD and Left Grand Alliance Releases Manifesto Ahead of Assembly Elections

Ahead of upcoming Bihar Assembly elections, the grand alliance of the Congress, RJD and the Left parties has released its manifesto and promised greater emphasis on development and job creation.

Tejaswi Yadav | Photo : RJD@Twitter

The grand alliance in the state of Bihar has been tightening its strategy and gearing up in full-swing ahead of the upcoming assembly elections. It is in this context that the parties composing the grand alliance- Congress, RJD, CPI(ML), CPI(M) and CPI collectively released a manifesto for the upcoming assembly elections. One of the main things that the agenda of the grand alliance focuses on is the scrapping of the recently passed farm laws and a renewed emphasis on the crisis of unemployment in the state of Bihar. The General Secretary of the Congress Randeep Singh Surjewala went ahead and said that the very first thing that the grand alliance would do is to pass a bill that can do away with the farm laws. He said,“Can PM Modi and Nitish Kumar tell us that if all mantis are destroyed, then how the farmers will get the MSP?He also said, “ This election is the election of the new path and the new sky versus the Hindu-Muslim, this election is the election of the new-age versus the experience of failure, this election is the election of self-self-reliance and progress versus division and hate. This election is the election of a new direction versus destruction.”

Adding to the promise of the manifesto of the grand alliance , RJD leader and the alliance’s chief ministerial candidate Tejaswhi Yadav said that he will create 10 lakh jobs if he becomes the CM of the state . 

The RJD is contesting from 144 seats, the Congress from 70 seats and the Left parties will together contest from 29 seats. 

The state has a total of 243 seats for the assembly elections. 

The BJP and the JDU have announced a 50-50 seat sharing pattern for the upcoming assembly election in the state.  The voting in the state is going to be conducted across three phases and the first will begin on October 28, second on November 3 and the final and third one on November 7.

The results of the assembly elections will be announced on November 10. This is a special election for the nation because it will be the first election to take place in the country since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.



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