Friday, May 20, 2022

Top News Briefing / Centre Angry on Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi for Saying that Bangladesh Will Overtake India and Other News Updates

Top News Briefing


Centre Angry on Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi  for Saying that Bangladesh Will Overtake India : Government sources have gone ahead and responded to a sarcastic applause recently made by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi regarding an IMF report that says India’s per capita GDP is set to go down below Bangladesh.

Hyderabad Rains Cause Havoc, Endanger Peoples’ Lives: Heavy rains have been causing havoc in Hyderabad since the last many hours and dramatic visuals have emerged from the city showing how several districts have been completely submerged in rain waters. A video of a man being swept away by the strong currents of the rainwater has gone viral on social media.  Several vehicles were also submerged in Hyderabad.

Tanishq Store in Gujarat Asked to Apologise After Withdrawal of Advertisement :A Tanishq Store in Gujarat has been threatened and the manager has been asked to apologise by the people after workers were threatened. The company had to recently withdraw its latest advertisement after receiving a major flak and being critiqued for spreading love jihad. Troll armies went behind the makers of the advertisement and compelled the company to bring it off air.

Farooq Abdullah to Call Key Meeting Tomorrow: Farooq Abdullah is going to call a meeting of key leaders Kashmir and it is being forecasted that recently released leader Mehbooba Mufti will also be joining the meeting.

A Majority of Americans to Vote for Joe Biden : According to a recent survey, it has been found that over 72% of Americans are likely to vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential elections. The findings were revealed through the Indian American Attitude Survey (IAAS), and only 22% will vote for present President Donald Trump.

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