Thursday, May 26, 2022

Top News Briefing/ Six Year Old Girl Raped in Hathras, Dies in Delhi Hospital and Other Updates


Today in Focus: Six Year Old Girl Raped in Hathras, Dies in Delhi Hospital

While the country is experiencing massive discontent and anger with the incident of gang-rape and brutal murder of a Dalit girl in Hathras, UP, another incident is being reported yet again from Hathras. A six year old girl has been raped by her relative and she has died while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Delhi. The accused is said to be fifteen year old cousin of the victim.

BJP Certain that Nitish Kumar Will Become Bihar CM Again : After condemning the move made by Chirag Paswan, the BJP has underlined its confidence and said that Nitish Kumar will most certainly become the chief minister of the state and the alliance will surely come to power. In the last few days, we have seen some sort of a discord between the different alliances of the NDA as Ram Vilas Paswan’s LJP decided to walk out and contest the elections independently in the state.

Rahul Gandhi Stopped at Haryana During His Tractor Campaign : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was stopped briefly at Haryana during his ongoing Tractor Rally against the Centre’s imposition of the farm laws. The deployment of hundreds of policemen in the area, showed how reluctant the government is about allowing leaders of the Opposition an entry into the state. He was stopped while he was on his way to Punjab.  He said that he would wait for even 500 hours but not drop his plans of undertaking and continuing the rally.

Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to British, German and American Physicists for Research on Black Hole: The Nobel Prize for Physics has been given to three scientists from America, Britain and German for their discoveries related to the Black Hole. The receivers of the prize are Roger Penrose, Richard Genzel and Andrea Ghez. The prize amount is 10 million Swedish Kronor.

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