As Americans Celebrate Joe Biden as Next President, Donald Trump Alleges Rigging and Irregularities in Counting

As Joe Biden is elected America’s Next President ousting Donald Trump, the unfolding of America’s political trajectory will be interesting to see.

President Donald Trump speaks from the White House on January 08, 2020 in Washington, DC. Win McNamee/Getty Images

Donald Trump has been defeated in the elections to America’s Presidency and Joe Biden has become the new President of the United States of America. Donald Trump’s presidency has ended and a large section of Americans are celebrating the coming of Joe Biden. An end to Trump’s presidency has been a cause of celebration as it is being seen as the victory of liberalism over republicanism. This is also being seen as an important historic moment because Kamala Harris has now become the Vice-President of America leaving behind all barriers of ethnicity, gender and race. She has become the first Black American to become the vice-president of America.

The world was looking forward to the results of the American elections and as Joe Biden neared victory, it was evident that this hadn’t been sinking in too well with Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been saying that the elections have been rigged and the Democrats have been using unfair and unjust means to throw him out of the White House. Donald Trump has also been leaning on to the idea that it is high time that the American high court should get involved in the elections as they had done in 2000. Ever since voting patterns indicated that the victory was this time being favourable to Joe Biden, Donald Trump has been quite angry with the counting and repeatedly alleged that the elections were being rigged in favour of the Democrats.

 Donald Trump’s discomfort with the all pervasive popularity of the Democrats could be sensed from the fact that he had even threatened to move the Supreme Court if he happens to be ousted. He had been asserting that it is high time that the high court intervenes in the matter and that it should now take charge of the matters just as it had done in 2000. 

Donald Trump’s claims about the elections being a fraud have not gone down too well with the supporters of the Democrats and they have said that this is nothing but symbolic of sheer frustration. The lawsuits filed by his campaign so far have been small scale efforts unlikely to affect many votes and some of them have already been dismissed.  

Still Donald Trump has left no stone unturned to assert that the country should see the high court’s intervention and said that if things don’t work in his favour, he wouldn’t refrain from moving the Supreme Court. Biden has been inching closer to the White House and will perhaps soon reach the 270 target in the Electoral College with the numbers required to gain American Presidency. 

Donald Trump said, “Its going to end up, perhaps, at the highest court in the end and we’ll see.” 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden opened a narrow lead ahead of Donald Trump and any additional mail votes only went in Biden’s favour. Donald Trump’s campaign has been constantly raising a voice against the alleged fraud in election counting and said that it was being stolen from him. 

Trump’s campaign has said that it will undertake a series of actions against the Democrats and file a series of lawsuits too.  His campaign has alleged irregularities and fraud in the elections with Joe Biden’s victory. With these developments it will be interesting to look at the unfolding of President Joe Biden’s term in the White House in the coming years.


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